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Philip Tsiaras: ‘The Greek Warhol’ Interview in ART PLUGGED - Asomaton

Philip Tsiaras: ‘The Greek Warhol’ Interview in ART PLUGGED

Lee Sharrock spoke to Greek-American artist Philip Tsiaras, whose inaugural UK retrospective of ‘The Superdot’ recently opened at Gallery 8 in Mayfair, presented by Varvara Roza Galleries (London) and The Blender Gallery (Athens). The solo exhibition at Gallery 8 covers 35 years of a pictorial exploration of the Dot, and is accompanied by a new 200-page book ‘Philip Tsiaras: THE SUPERDOT’, published by Key Books.

On display are eye-catching portraits of Greek, American and British icons from the fields of Royalty, music, film and art including; Maria Callas, Marilyn Monroe, Salvador Dali, Jimi Hendrix, Prince, The Queen, Prince Philip, Aristotle Onassis, Princess Diana and Jim Morrison. Also featured are Tsiaras’s ‘Crystal Guns’, glass sculptures hand-made by the artist in Murano over the past decade; paintings from his seminal ‘Circle of Life’ series; and his figurative ‘Horses’ works, which the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City purchased for their collection as early as I983.

Philip Tsiaras ‘The Superdot’ is on at Gallery 8, 8 Duke Street, St. James’s, London until 7th December:

Sharrock conversed with Tsiaras at the gallery about the dual influences of American Pop Art and Greco-Roman art on his artistic practice, and discussed how an early encounter in 80s New York City with Warhol had a lasting effect on Tsiaras’s oeuvre, leading to a prolific career as ‘The Greek Warhol’.

'I am a Modern Greek which means I carry the weight and the joy of my ancestors in my genes. Which also means I can cherry pick aspects from my cultural identity and integrate it into a modern interpretation'
Philip Tsiaras

Read the full interview at https://tsiaras.com/philip-tsiaras-the-greek-warhol-interview-artplugged/

2022 KAYAK Travel Award! - Asomaton

2022 KAYAK Travel Award!

We are excited to let you know that Asomaton's listing on KAYAK has generated 948 reviews from travelers in 2022, from which it has scored 9.1/10 - ranking it one of the highly rated hotels in Greece and a recipient of a 2022 KAYAK Travel Award.
Museums in Central Athens - Asomaton

Museums in Central Athens

Psirri can take the urban jungle experience to delirious heights, inviting a thousand little discoveries and as many opportunities for living it up after hours but, how could you forget that you are almost in the shadow of the Acropolis and the cradle of the starting point of Western civilization?
Athens' Street Art - Asomaton
Athens' Street Art
“If you want to get to know a city, look at its walls. Athens might be a mess but there is creativity.” So says one of the best-known Athenian street artists, the elusive INO. The artist, who actually hails from Piraeus, knows of what he speaks as his intriguing murals have graced walls in several neighborhoods of the capital, including Psirri which is home to some of the most vibrant and dynamic street art in the whole of Athens.
Diving into Psirri - Asomaton
Diving into Psirri
Not to be unduly nautical about it, but plunging into Psirri is like a deep dive into a different kind of Athens than you probably new existed. Sure, you knew about the ancient ruins and maybe trendy Kolonaki, but Psirri is home to scruffy cultural verve all its own—and you’re a part of it for as long as you’re here. This is a compact and largely self-contained, thoroughly urban universe where hipster cafés and bars collide with antique shops full to bursting with quirky merchandise, vintage record stores and busy craftsmens’ shops than you could ever take in on a single walk.
Psyrri-ously Cool Drinking & Dining - Asomaton
Psyrri-ously Cool Drinking & Dining
Restaurants, cafés, bars…in Psirri, you are truly spoiled for choice. Oineas taverna is like a quick trip to the Greek islands and it’s literally opposite the entrance of 18 Micon Street. If you have a hankering for amazing Italian food while you’re in Athens—it happens!—you must book a table at Cosa Nostra, on Agias Theklas 3. Keep kosher?
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